Monday, August 22, 2016

My Ex isn't paying the court ordered Child support? Now what?

You went to court and the judge ordered your ex to pay child support- Great! You need the money to put food on the table and you already have maxed out your credit cards with medical bills, school supplies, etc for your little one. The 1st of the month comes and gasp - your ex never pays you.... now what do you do?

The bad news is that results wont necessarily be immediate, but the good news is that there is help. Contact your local child support agency. In Alameda County it is

The local child support agency can:

  • Establish paternity, child support and medical coverage court orders.
  • Locate the non-custodial parent and his or her assets to enforce the court order.
  • Collect and distribute child, medical, and spousal support payments.
  • Maintain accounts of payments owed and received.
  • Modify court orders when appropriate.
  • Enforce Alameda County Court orders for child, spousal and medical support

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