Monday, October 8, 2012


Sometimes people who have filed for divorce consider reconciliation. Some of these end up being long term and some of these reconciliations fall apart again a few months later. If you have filed all of your paperwork with the court and now are deciding to reconcile, instead of dismissing the case immediately, I would suggest that you and your partner enter into a Stipulated Order that basically puts the case on hold for the time being, but gives you until a certain date (usually a year) to reinstate the case without having to completely refile all of your paperwork from the beginning.

You do not want to just do nothing and let your case sit -- this is especially true if you are in a situation that may result in a default judgment, or if you filed an agreement or order that the court may sign within 6 months. It also can make things murky since CA is a community property state.  Talk to an experienced family law attorney about filing the correct paperwork to put your case on hold until you can determine that your reconciliation is forever.

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